Iglesia de Cristo de Jutiquile

Young angel waiting for worship to begin

    Hours for Services
  • Sunday 10:00 AM
  • Wednesday 4 PM
  • Friday 4 PM

Located approximately 30 minutes west of Catacamas, the Church of Christ at Jutiquile, which was started in March 2005, has the honored distinction of being the first congregation to receive a two-classroom structure built by MPRC funding. (The second congregation that will receive a classroom building is Las Casitas and that structure has already been started as well.)

The Hunter Hills Church of Christ in Prattville, Alabama has been involved with the Juitiquile project since its beginning, and members from Hunter Hills visit several times during the year.

The Juitiquile congregation is nestled in a community of 5-6,000 that has a strong and active Church of God presence, which has influenced the conversion activity of the Church of Christ. Yet, since the new evangelist started there 4 months ago the congregation has doubled in number. The current evangelist, Marlon Molina, was trained at Escuela Biblica Honduras (EBH) and is also a former Director of EBH.

Four baptisms in Oct.-Nov. and 3 more in mid-December has increased the membership from 6 adults to 13. Three men are being trained in church leadership and are already assisting with the services on Sunday mornings. Marlon's wife, Reina, is teaching the children on Sunday mornings. Sunday morning attendance has reached new levels. The atmosphere at the Sunday morning service is one of warmth, welcome, and perhaps even expectation. An older angel sealed by the Spirit for Heaven